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Access Control of Remote Applications


For developers who wish to control their distributed applications remotely, AppControl provides a simple, inexpensive, widely applicable solution. Typical scenarios might include: 1) user has failed to make timely payment, 2) time of a trial app has expired, 3) app is no longer appropriate and needs updating.

The principal on which this application is based is a simple one. A specific distributed application has a specific encryption key code embedded in it that is inaccessible to the end user. A preliminary 'Walk In' window, part of the application, is presented on boot up. That window secretly downloads that user's unique credentials. The end user must provide his unique credentials to first sign in. Next, the application attempts to match the embedded key code with that provided remotely. If there is no match, the application will not run and the user is so advised.

One major difference between AppControl and other system is that it does not depend upon any third party software, is rather simple to program, and is relatively inexpensive to maintain and operate, particularly for small developers.

Download the AppControl AppControl.msi  Installer

Download the Demo Test App TestApp.msi

Download the Sample Xml file Clients.xml

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