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This application works in conjuction with Microsoft (TM) Outlook which must be installed and operating properly on your machine.

The interface consists of a single window that works like an emailer.  There are the customary Windows menus and some toolbar buttons to make things easier.  Enter the intended recipient in the To: box, enter one or more copies separated by semicolons in the Copy T: box, enter the subject in the Subject: box and enter the body of your message in the main text window.  Attachments are added by clicking on the Add Attachments button and selecting one or more files from a disk folder.

This application is a handy way of encrypting and sending files in a highly secure manner.  For recipients who are to receive and decrypt these files, either this application or a much simpler one to use, UeberKrypt, is available.  These two applications are interactive in that they both use the same encryption keys which can be personalized between a specified group of users.

The application is completely free.

Download AutoOutlook Self-Extracting Installer (6.52 mb)
Download AutoOutlook Zip File Installer (6.40 mb)