ICICON Welcome to the Image Composer Page

Microsoft Image Composer is an application for creating compositions for display. Microsoft originally provided this application with it's operating system as a free add on, but for some strange reason discontinued the develepment and distribution of this very powerful graphics application. It is possible to find the app on several developer sites and download it for free. PliaTech developers have used this app for a decade or more and found it to be extremely useful and cost-effective compared to other very expensive programs. Image Composer offers a combination of powerful tools, a huge workspace, and sample images to help anyone produce professional-looking images. The figure above shows a composition created with Image Composer. Image Composer was designed for experimentation. You can apply effects easily, view the results, and then modify or undo those effects to acheive the result you seek. You can work with a wide variety of popular file formats, including TIFF (.tif), CompuServe GIF (.gif), Portable Network Graphics (.png), Targa (.tga), JPEG (.jpg), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), BMP (.bmp) and more. For scanned images, Image Composer supports the TWAIN interface.  Free Download