PliaTech is about to offer an extended matrix library for C# that includes complex vectors and matrices, quaterions, and more.   The initial release is scheduled for June, 2019 and will be free to any and all who care to try it out.


The PliaTech website has been recently updated to reflect that statistical analysis and web-based applications are now being provided on a consulting basis.

PliaTech's ever-expanding organization of consultants is now spanning the globe and promises to offer even more in the way of Information Technology services.

PliaTech has implemented a web-based cardiac surgery risk assessment tool.  This tool utilizes data from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons national cardiac surgery database of over 150,000 patients, making this vast experience immediately available to clinicians around the world.  

Try it here to see for yourself what the power of the Internet can do for medicine.

New: Android App QR Scanner will direct the user to the MatCalc System website home page.