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NumRec Home Page

NumRec, a repository for examples, source code and includes originally published in Numerical Recipes in C (NRC). NumRec makes copying and editing of these routines easier than ever before. For those developers who need reference numerical source code to extend their own routines, NumRec provides ready access to the NRC routines.

To use NumRec:
  • Install NumRec on your machine
  • Start a new console project - call it NRC if you wish
  • Do not use precompiled headers
  • Remove stdafx.h and stdafx.cpp from your project files
  • Boot up NumRec
  • Set the directory path to the root directory of your NRC project - click Set Path button
  • Select the desired NRC files by highlighting them (clicking twice unhighlights a selection)
  • Click the To Disk button to copy the selected files to the designated directory
  • Verify the number of successfully copied files from the message on the lower left
  • For all the projects, you will need : nr.h, nrutil.h, and nrutil.c files

  • For detailed NRC help use Numerical Recipes in C

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