Welcome to PolyWnd Polynomial Calculator for Windows


PolyWnd is a desktop calculator that has the capability you in the analysis of univariate polynomials with both real and complex coefficients.  The system uses a a common data file type.  This common data file allows immediate utilization of data from analysis to graphics with countless possibilities for intermediate data storage, manipulation, conversion and retrieval.

While competitive programs exist, they are far more complicated to learn to use and cost much more.  The PolyWnd polynomial calculator offers those interested in learning techniques of polynomial analysis with an emphasis on arithmetic and graphical evaluation an inexpensive alternative to those expensive and cumbersome programs that are not readily available to most.  This program is a great learning tool which will allow the user to easily explore fundamental polynomial properties and interrelationships and to perform basic polynomial arithmetic procedures. PolyWnd comes with free, online tutorials. So you'll be working smarter and faster - sooner.

PolyWnd Polynomial Calculator for Windows will be available here in the near future.