Sound Plot

Sound Plot

Easily convert sound waves into 2 and 3 dimensional surfaces

Fast, simple, and easy to use with updated help files and samples. This application has been used by major architects for original designs of public buildings.

Offers many features and options for designing surfaces, curves and point clouds from sound waves. Uses Rhino (TM) 4.0. Here is where Art meets Science.Note: This is being offered as freeware with no license restrictions. Nevertheless, it has been extensively tested and appears to be largely bug free. You will need to download a copy of Rhino for the software to render surfaces directly. However, 3dm files which can be used by a number of CAD programs are generated, even without Rhino.

Download SoundPlot Self-Extracting Installer (5.96 mb)

Download SoundPlot Zip File Installer (5.84 mb)

Download SoundPlot User Manual

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For Rhino(R) users, check out our SountPlot Rhino PlugIn