Welcome to Surface Graph 3D Surface Renderer


SurfaceGraph is a Window's desktop application that allows you to quickly create, store and recall real and complex data sets, graphs, and bitmap representation of your work suitable for presentation. The program is designed to allow students of function theory, scientists, mathematicians, and others to have ready access to precision graphics rendering of their data sets.

While competitive programs exist, they are far more complicated to learn to use and cost much more.  The SurfaceGraph MultiPurpose 3D Plotter offers those interested in learning techniques of graphical analysis such as scaling, translation, and rotation, including affine matrix 3D transformations with an inexpensive alternative to those expensive and cumbersome programs that are not readily available to most.  This program is a great learning tool which will allow the user to easily explore fundamental properties of numerical functions and to perform moderately sophisticated procedures such as the generation of numerical data sets suitable for 3D surface rendering. SurfaceGraph comes with free, online tutorials. So you'll be working smarter and faster - sooner.