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Advanced Encryption Standard for Windows


The interface consists simply of a text window that works like a notepad. You can type, edit, save and load text directly from this window.The toolbars and status bar are standard Windows © acoutrements.The Key Window is in the bar above the status bar contains the current AES key. This key can be copied from the Key Window but you cannot edit the Key directly. This Key will remain constant each time you run the application unless you change it.You encrypt a message by typing in or loading text and then selecting the Options / Encrypt Message menu . Your text will immediately be encrypted using the AES Key in the Key Window. The encrypted text (cryptogram) has been converted to text so that you can readily copy and paste it into an email or save it to a text file using the File / Save As menu.To decrypt a message, simply load in the cryptogram (encrypted text) and select the Options / Decrypt Message menu. Provided you have the same Key and Mode that the message was encrypted with, your message should be immediately decrypted into readable text. If you see unreadable text or a message indicating ‘corrupted data’, chances are that you have used the wrong Key.You can change keys either by loading a previously saved key, or by pasting a key from the clipboard onto the text window and selecting Tools / Keys / Install From Editor, or you can generate new random keys of 128-bit, 192-bit, or 256-bit lengths.

Download WinAES Self-Extracting Installer (6.52 mb)
Download WinAES Zip File Installer (6.40 mb)